Management Mini E-Lesson : Creating Vision, Mission and Philosophy Statements


NCCAP Approved ; 2 Hours
Program # 00018E


This Management Mini Lesson is available in two formats.
~This format is an E-lesson where you will have immediate access to course materials.  Once you complete the course, you will be able to print out your certificate.

~The second format is sent to you via a google drive link within 24 hours.  All materials will be accessible on the google drive and once you submit your course materials via e-mail, fax or hard copy, your certificate is e-mailed to you with a hard copy mailed.

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Course Content: This Management Mini Lesson will  introduce you to  the importance of departmental Vision, Mission and Philosophy statements.  These statements can provide the departmental staff with a clear focus.  Additionally,  these statements will communicate to the interdisciplinary team that activities is more than just playing games.  The quick reading reviews the basics of each statement and guidelines to create individualized statements for your department.  After each lesson, the student will have the opportunity to create their own departmental statements.

-Participant will be able to define vision, mission and philosophy statements.
-Participant will create a vision, mission and philosophy statement for the activity/recreation department
-The participant will identify three reasons why vision, mission and philosophy statements are helpful to the activity department.

To gain two continuing education hours, complete the pre-test, read the Management Mini Lesson, create your vision, mission and philosophy statements and pass  the post test.   When all is complete, you can print out your certificate.  If you have any difficulties, feel free to email or call 609-290-4549


NCCAP Approval #500319-19NT
NCCAP Body of Knowledge 19 & 23