Understanding Bullying Behavior in Older Adults



Understanding Bullying Behavior in Older Adults
NCCAP approved 9 continuing education hours
Program #00052

Check out the article in the Activity Professional’s Notebook on Understanding Bullying Behavior in Older Adults.

Course Requirements : Take the provided pretest, read the book “Bullying Behavior in Older Adult – How to Recognize and Address an Unseen Eoidemic” , and take the provided post test. You may mail or fax your materials to DH Special Services. Once the materials are received and a passing grade is determined, a scanned copy of the certificate will be e-mailed to you with a hard copy mailed.

The reading of the book “Bullying Among Older Adults – How to Recognize and Address an Unseen Epidemic by Robin P. Bonifas will introduce definitions of different types of bullying behavior, the unmet needs driving this behavior and specific ways to respond.  The course applies specific bullying behavior principles to the older adult and explains why this behavior may occur in care communities. Effective coping strategies for the older adult and staff are suggested along with pro-social activities for community.
Learning Objectives:
~The Participant will be able to define three specific types of bullying behavior
~The participant will identify five underlying reasons for bullying behavior in the older adult.
~The participant will be able to suggest two coping strategies for the person being bullied as well as the person demonstrating bullying behavior.
~The participant will describe two pro-spcial activities which willc reate a more positive community.


Course Content meets NCCAP Body of Knowledge Topic areas 2, 4, 5 11
NCCAP # 500377-19NT