Creating a Caring Environment


Creating a Caring Environment
NCCAP Approved
4.5 Hours


Creating a Caring Environment
NCCAP Approved  4.5 Hours

Course Requirements : Take the provided pretest, read the PDF book  “In Search of the Starfish : Creating a Caring Environment” by Hart, Primm & Cranisky, and take the provided post test . You may mail or fax your materials to DH Special Services. Once the materials are received and a passing grade is determined, a scanned copy of your certificate will be e-mailed to you and a hard copy mailed.

Course Content: The reading will introduce the student to the concepts of caring and kindness as they impact upon quality of life and a caring environment. Through training and greater understanding, all staff can contribute toward creating caring communities which enable the elderly to live life to the fullest. This text provides outlines for five training programs which can be implemented with ease. The emphasis is on person centered care and how to involve all members of the team.

This program is sent via a google drive link.

Topic areas discussed in the text:
Benefits of a Caring Environment
Organizing a Training Program
Training # 1 : Making a Difference One by One
Training #2 : Dispelling the Myths: Understanding People with Alzheimer’s Disease
Training #3 : Understanding Vision and Hearing Loss
Training #4 : What Not to do in an Emergency
Training #5 Making Humor a Part of Your Program
The Gift of Touch
Taking Care of the Employees


Course Content meets NCCAP Body of Knowledge Topic areas 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 23, 26, 28..
NCCAP # 29108-19NT