Common Questions Answered

When can I start the program?

The MEPAP is open enrollment, meaning you can start whenever you are ready to start.


Do I have to be employed in a care community to take the course?

All students need to secure a Practicum site prior to enrolling in the course. A practicum site can be a place of employment or somewhere you volunteer. A suitable practicum site can be a nursing home, assisted living facility or an adult day center. It is advised to confirm your practicum site prior to enrolling in the course.


Do I need any books for the class? 

The required textbooks are included in the cost of the course.


How are the course materials sent to me?

The first lesson and course book are mailed to you via USPS. After that, all course materials are available via Google Classroom. Course materials can continue to be mailed to you, upon request.


How long do I have to complete the course?

There is a one year deadline per each MEPAP. Most students complete the course is approximately six months.


Are there deadlines or due dates for class assignments?

This is a self paced course so you will e setting your own schedule. A suggested weekly schedule of assignments to complete is provided. If you follow the suggested weekly schedule, you will complete the course in six months or less.


How are the lessons presented?

The class is a combination of learning tasks which include reading, internet research, and you tube videos. There are also practicum tasks which often involve working with residents/clients, interacting with staff or other on site assignments.


How are assignments explained?

There are short videos in the classroom which explain the assignments. There are 4-5 videos per lesson, located in the Google Classroom.


What is Google Classroom?

The Google Classroom is where all course materials are stored. It is a place to organize and more easily access the assignments, videos and websites referenced.


Do I need a Gmail account to access the Google Classroom?

The Google Classroom can be accessed by most personal emails, not just Gmail. A work email may have difficulty accessing the classroom.


How do I submit coursework?

Completed coursework can be sent as attachments via email or sent via USPS.


What do I do if I have questions?

The instructor is accessible via phone, text or email. All questions are answered quickly. Individual Zoom meetings can be scheduled for more personal 1-1 attention and explanations.


Are there tests in this course?

There is a mid term and final exam. The test is mailed to your practicum supervisor vis USPS.  The practicum supervisor administers the test and mails it back to the instructor.  No books or supplemental materials are permitted while taking the test.


Will I be certified when I complete the course?

The student will receive Activity Professional Certified (APC) from the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals upon the completion of MEPAP I.  After the completion of MEPAP II, the student will need to provide a letter of work experience and proof of completion of MEPAP I.   This will allow the student to take the national exam.  Upon passing the national exam, the student will receive Activity Director Certified (ADC).