Understanding and Programming for the Baby Boomer Generation


NCCAP Approved 7 Contact Hours
Program #00017



NCCAP Approved 7 Contact Hours
Program #00017

Check out the article in the Activity Professional’s Notebook : Forever Young : Understanding the Baby Boomer Generation

Course Content: The reading of the text “Leisure Programming for Baby Boomers” will introduce the characteristics of the Baby Boomer generation as it applies to leisure needs and interests.  The reading will define and distinguish this generation from the previous generations. The reading will introduce new ideas in leisure and recreational programming which is moving away from the traditional approaches currently practiced. This independent study program is NCCAP Pre-approved for 7 continuing education hours and is applicable toward activity certification through the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals. .

Course Requirements : Take the provided pretest, read the book “Leisure Programming for Baby Boomers” by Cochran, Rothschadl and Rudick and take the provided post-test.  Once the materials are received and a passing grade is determined, your certificate will be scanned and emailed to you with a hard copy mailed to youTopic areas discussed in the text:

Topics Covered:

Characteristics and Values associated with the Baby Boomer Generation
Creating a Marketing Message which appeals to the Baby Boomer
Arts and Culture Program ideas
Education Program Ideas
Outdoor Adventure Program Ideas
Healthy Living Program Ideas
Travel Based Program Ideas
Preparing for the Future.


Course Content meets NCCAP Body of Knowledge Topic areas 5, 6, 11, 13, 14
NCCAP Approved #50024-18