Activity Consultant Certified Independent Study Program



This is the course that is applicable to achieving Activity Consultant Certified through the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals.
Debbie Hommel, ACC/MC/EDU, CTRS,  is an approved mentor for the program.

You may review the requirement for Activity Consultant Certified on the NCCAP site.
If you have questions as to how you would qualify for Activity Consultant Certified, email for more information.

The course requirements are:
~Completing the defined assignments in the text book “The Professional Activity Manager and Consultant”.

~Completion of a practical project, chosen by the student and approved by the course mentor.

~Create and maintain a learning journal of your experience.

Once all the coursework and materials are successfully completed, you will recent a certificate verifying completion of the Consultant’s Track Course.

Course includes the required text book – “The Professional Activity Manager and Consultant” by D’Antonio-Nocera, DeBolt, Touhey  ($45.00 value)